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By | March 10, 2017

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Storyline Reviews : Movie start with the intro of Badrinath Bansal’s family – his father(Rituraj Singh) who is a heart patient after Varun’s elder brother told him about his love interest. Varun’s brother(Yash Sinha) finally got married to the girl of his father’s choice, Urmila(Shweta Basu Prasad).

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Storyline

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Main story starts from here, it is a love story of a boy of Jhansi(Varun Dhawan as Badrinath Bansal) and a girl of Kota(Alia as Vaidehi Trivedi) who met in a shaadi. Movie is all about women empowerment and dowry system in India. Varun Dhawan falls in love with Alia and starts chasing her in his funny and comic style. Movie gives an important message to the audience that girls are not meant for only homely chores, they are the ones who can change their lives.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Cute Scenes

In this movie Alia wanted to be air hostess and help her family financially. But her father resisted her dreams and wanted her to marry as he was about to get retired. But Alia makes a choice and calls varun and his friend (Sahil Vaid) to help her in marrying her elder sister first and in return she will marry him. Varun was in love with her blindly so he helps her in search of groom for Alia’s sister.

They finally find a groom for her sister and pass on every difficulties of marriage like dowry. Varun – Alia and Alia’s sister and the groom decide to marry on the same day at the same place. Now the main problem is DOWRY. Varun’s father was a very greedy person so Varun pays dowry with the help of his brother. Finally marriage day has come, everybody is there but Alia runs from her marriage. Varun is shattered and gradually starts behaving abruptly to people. He keeps beating people as he is disturbed by the incident. His father feels ashamed and asks him to get Alia back to kill in front of all. So that every girl thinks twice before running away from the marriage hall.

Varun and his friend go to Mumbai in search of Alia, after reaching there they got to know she has been sent to Switzerland for training. Now the amazing part of movie starts, they both meet in the most terrific way. Badri Kidnaps her and tells her everything what his father wants and asks her why she did this to him. Alia explains everything and tells him that she always wanted to be the son of her family. She wanted to be the helping hand for her father. Meanwhile, Varun becomes violent and cops take them to the police station. Here gauhar Khan plays the role of the cop. She gives them a warning and tells them to leave. Alia goes back to her room and Varun still keeps on following her everywhere.

Finally one day varun starts behaving violently again and Alia tells him to calm down. They are again taken to the police where Varun and his friend’s passport is seized for 2 days. Alia takes them to her home in Singapore after paying the bail amount $1500 for them. During his stay at her home, she shows signs of love like preparing breakfast for him, taking care of him and so on. They spend a lot of time together and even Alia realizes her love for him.

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Badri gets a call from his home. His dad calls him back. Badri lies to his father that he could not find the girl. They find a girl for him to get married. Then Badri returns to India without telling Alia about it. When Alia realizes that he his not in the city till then its already very late. Now she misses him like hell. On the day of the occasion, Badri gets drunk in the love of Alia and comes to the Puja. He starts talking shit to his father and tells him that he has always dominated their family. His sister in law wanted to become an accountant and she was also offered a job from London but she could not do the job because her father wanted her to get married. He tells his dad that he has always suppressed everyone’s feelings but he cant stop loving Alia and that he still misses her.

And to everyone’s shock, Alia comes searching for her and she tells him that she loves him too. She apologizes to her parents and Varun’s parents for running away from the marriage and insulting them. And this brings us to the end of the story.

Badrinath ki Dhulhania Happy Ending

Alia completes her 2 years air hostess course and then she opens her own training institute in Jhansi where she teaches the young girls about air hostess program.

Badrinath ki Dulhania Reviews

Movie is quite good, initial part is full of crazy and funny moments of Varun Dhawan while the second part of the movie is little sentimental and emotional. Go with our family and watch the amazing movie Badrinath ki Dulhania.

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