Celebs who dumped their partners for fame

By | May 28, 2016

Celebs who dumped their partners for fame: We all love to remain informed about Bollywood celebrities as to who is in a relationship or dating whom and who will be getting married to which star. Most of us are aware of our favourite stars and their relationships but quite a few know that before rising to fame whom they dated. How people changed after the doors of Bollywood industry opened for them. Here are few celebs who dumped their partners for fame. Have a look!

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Celebs who Dumped their Partners for Fame

  • Anushka Sharma: During their struggle period both Anushka and Zoheb came to Mumbai to try their luck in the glamour industry. However, Yusuf’s patience ran out and he went back to Bangalore while Anushka got a break in the industry and is in a relationship with Virat Kohli. She dmped her partner as soon as she made into bollywood.

Anushka Sharma Zoheb Yusuf Celebs who dumped their partners for fame

  • Frieda Pinto: While Miss Pinto got busy making news in the international film circuit after her big debut in Slumdog Millionaire, her estranged fiance made news closer home. Antao took to the media and cried foul about how Pinto broke off their engagement

Frieda Pinto boyfriends

  • Deepika Padukone: It was not only the big switch in her professional life which Deepika was gearing up for, as she dumped Pandya and started dating Ranbir Kapoor as soon as she ventured into acting.

Deepika Padukone boyfriends

  • Jacqueline Fernandez: The Sri Lankan import to Bollywood, Jacqueline Fernandez dated a Bahraini prince, Al Khalifa, once upon a time. Things were going pretty well between the two of them for about 2 years but once Fernandez entered Bollywood, she started distancing herself from Khalifa.

Jacqueline Boyfriends

  • Kangana Ranaut: After leaving her home in pursuit of her big Bollywood dreams, Kangana wanted to make friends in the industry and one such person was Shekhar Suman’s son Adhyayan Suman, who had not joined films at that point. However, Kangana dumped Adhyayan within a year of courtship after a glorious run at the box office.Kangana Ranaut

  • Priyanka Chopra: After getting her big break in Bollywood she reportedly broke up with Aseem Merchant and he is still sad about it.

Priyanka Chopra boyfriend

  • Ranbeer Kapoor: From being a celebrity girlfriend to being a celebrity wife, Avantika has really come a long way. Before marrying Imran Khan, it was Ranbir Kapoor who was wooing her. Their relationship went on for a good 5 years before Ranbir made his big plunge into films.

   anbir kapoor avantika malik imran khan

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