Facebook To Buy Watsapp In $16 Billion

By | February 19, 2014

Facebook will able to convince the largest messaging startup WhatsApp with it chaos. After the long while wait WatsApp decide to sell himself to Facebook in just $16 Billion. As the largest growing mobile messaging site Watsapp gradually emerging in the younger crowd. Facebook decide to pay $4 Billion in cash and $12 billion in stock in its latest acquisition and also it paid $1 Billion to photo-sharing app Instagram.

Main Parts of The Deal:

According to the report the part of the deal, WatsApp co-founder and chief Executive Jan Kaum will join FACEBOOK board and the social networking sit e will grant an additional $3 Billion worth of restricted stock to Kaum. Facebook also promised to keep the WatsApp brand and service and pledged 41 Billion cash break-up fee were deal.

Initially the Facebook tried many times for buying the Watsapp previously in last year but the WatsApp was not clear with hits views regarding the topic. But yesterday the news reveals that Facebook to buy WatsApp in $16 Billion was a shocking new to all the fans of mobile-messaging company.

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