Must Watch : SeatBelt Crew Video Traffic Rule Education By Transgenders

By | May 6, 2014

SeatBelt crew video delivered traffic rule awareness, viral on social media. We just ignore the seatbelt in cars while driving. These transgender teaching us the most important rule of driving in their style. Seatbelt Crew initiative a  public Service Announcement you just can’t ignore, delivered by a community you just can’t ignore. You can follow the SeatBelt Crew, a group of transgenders, delivered a lesson in safe driving.

Seatbelt Crew Video, traffic rule by seatbelt crew, official twitter account of seatbelt crew

Seatbelt Crew Video

SeatBelt Crew Video – Traffic Rules

This video is dedicated to that motorists who drive carelessly and the ones who don’t follow traffic rules. MUST WATCH

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