Shakira – La La La (Brazil 2014) Video Song ft. Carlinhos Brown

By | May 24, 2014

Shakira la la la Video Song : Shakira know for her blistering look and amazing voice has given the fabulous song La La La (Brazil 2014). Here we provide the La La La Song Video Song / Shakira Fifa World Cup 2014 Song La la la Video in HD quality. Shakira La La La Video Song featuring Carlinhos Brown and many amazing other Football players. The video of Brazil 2014 was uploaded on the official channel of Shakira and within few minutes the likes and views reaches the zenith. #source

La la La Brazil 2014

Shakira La la La Song Video

Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 Shakira La La La Song Video

La la La song contain the energetic lyrics which is penned by herself specially for the Brazil 2014. You can download the full lyrics of La La La Song By Shakira for Fifa World Cup 2014 Click here.

Shakira La La La Song Details

Fifa World Cup 2014 La La La Song By Shakira is mainly taken from the National Anthem of Brazil. Lyrics of the song are taken from the host’s National anthem. Shakira who has given previous Fifa World Cup Song “Waka Waka” was a big hit, also manage to do same for the 2014 fifa world cup la la la song which become sensational over the social sites. The la la la song for Fifa World cup 2014 is sung by Shakira which features many football players including ma favourite Messi. Hope you enjoy the Video Song of La La La Song By shakira. Stay tuned to us through FACEBOOK or Twitter for more updates regarding FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 and La La La (Brazil 2014) Song.

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